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 This  is  a  documentation  of  my  love  affair  with  fashion.  It  is  a  journey  that  entails  life,  travelling  culture,  dreams  and  aspirations. With  all  of  these  elements  infused  I  find  the  inspirations  that  endeavour  to  exude  the  raw  beauty  captured  in  each  IXIAH  collection.

xx Krystel xx

Mothers Day

13th May 2018

19th Apr 2018

Coachella 2018, was a festival of amazing outfits, great music and good times. This is a look at a few of our beautiful IXIAH babes who graced the festival dressed in their favourite IXIAH pieces. I am in awe of all the beauty that was captured, I am so grateful for all the love and support that has been shown to the brand. The love of creativity, striving to be different and layering all of our styles together to create such detailed and beautiful looks was really amazing to see and I am so grateful.
I lived vicariously through all of your images and almost felt like I was there too - maybe next year?


28th Mar 2018

14th Mar 2018

Im sure many of you have watched with a box of tissues in hand, the incredible ceremony that was the marriage of two soulmates Constance & Denim. Their love and admiration for eachother, their free lives and their two beautiful families becoming one is a recipe for a tear jerker.

I was first introduced to Con last year when she emailed me in a desperate hunt for a wedding dress that was different. She needed a dress that complimented her personality and her body shape. But to top it off she just loved the IXIAH brand, the use of feathers and shells, the embellishments and accessories it was all just so ... "her". So with an abundance of compliments I agreed to meet with her and start discussing designs and ideas to create this masterpiece. 

Our first meeting was to measure Con and discuss concepts and ideas. I just remember the entire table of girls almost falling over themselves as Con just cracked jokes about how she 'doesn't' want to look on her spedcial day and about her best and worst body parts. Con made it clear she wanted feathers, to show her legs & loved shells & possibly a beaded harness. She also loved the idea of a corset that drew her body in and shaped her. She then mentioned the wedding was only a few months away and that she was pregnant and will be 4 months by the wedding so we had create something incredible yet possibly adjustable for her growing and glowing body.
So with all of this my ideas were starting to come to life and I spent the next few weeks creating different design ideas for what I thought would work for her. I drew and presented these ideas to Constance and had her measurements taken. 

The idea she loved ready to proceed so my incredible pattern maker created an initial pattern and toile for our first fitting. 

It was then that the dress really began to take shape and form. I added feathers and organised beaded. We decided to dye tulle to match the metallic finish on the corset, we had the corset lace up at the back for ease of fitting and we design a seperate skirt made with layers of tulle that would be sheer and show Cons leg, while also wrapping under her belly for an easy and comfortable fit. We then added feathers to cover her underwear line and shape her belly - something she didnt want to hide but embrace. Once this fit was perfected it was time to create the final dress.

Once the dress was made then I could start my work on the embellishments and accessories. Beading is the longest process but absolutely my favoourite part of making wedding dresses. It is a time where i sit with all my beads and create a huge number of formations until soemthing works. This can take hours or days, it really depends on the style and the design. With Con's dress it came together within a few days. I went for copper bright beads to compliment the champagne colours in her dress. I contrasted these with shells, wooden beads and a irredescent diamonte bead that added just the right amount of sparkle. I also made a neckpiece/choker as a harness would have been too much for this style. I knew at this point it was going to be incredible. 

When the dres arrived back from our embellishers it needed a few hand tweaks, eyelets in the back and some finishing touches but it was beautiful. I had to hand the dress to Cons best friend Annalise and we FaceTimed Con to show her as time was so tight. It was a pressing time waiting for Con to receive the dress and text me that she loved it which is always a relief. 

And then I just waited for the 6th of Jan for this girl to shine, as she does so well!  

Make sure you watch the video for all the behind the scenes and details and the full wedding ceremony. And be sure to have that box of tissues ready.
Click to view 

27th Feb 2018

'Spectral' was a collection that for me just came alive. I began designing as I always do sketching and drawing all my ideas. I then chose a small few to make with my incredible pattern maker Ang. So we cut and play around and try different styles - so many of which failed and I have compoletely scrapped - a maxi skirt, a dress, a start at a new outlaw skirt. I worked and worked on these and persevered but nothing worked. The styles I had chosen just fell flat and just weren't IXIAH for me. I played around with the fabrications and my embroidered lace. It wasnt until I got my raw fringing that the ideas started to come alive. I had scrapped all my drawings and I could (FINALLY) see clearly what needed to come into play. As I got deeper into the process I started to add more - more lace trims on the edges, stronger lines, more draping and the list goes on. It is so unbelievably hard to put into words what goes into every piece I make and the enduring journey that I take to get it to launch to you!

I think the biggest struggle for me was the 'Time will Tell Dress'. This piece I fit 3 or 4 times. I made sample after sample. This dress has 3 fabrics, a lace binding, a fringe cotton binding, a lace trim and 3 different types of beads that all worked and compliemtned each other - it was the fit, the frills and the effect of flattering the body that almost forced me to cancel this style completely. But I persevered and its out top selling style this month so YAY! I hope you all love this collection as much as I have oured my soul into it. 



25th May 2016

Jodi Gordon shares some insight into her stunning family home, her style and family life. We love that this Aussie beauty chose to be completely styled in head-to-toe IXIAH for this interview. Jodi, to me represents beauty, happiness, style and grace and is a tribute to our Australian ambassadors. Jodi wears the Regimental Shirt with the Kinglist Short & Rajah Overpiece.  



10th May 2016

Where the nights stars meet the ocean shores, we will find Isabel. She seduces us with a dance of fire, She entices us with her confidence, flare and free spirit.  

Izi dances under the open canopy of the bright stars on her local Bondi Beach, decorated in her favourite IXIAH pieces and jewels.

This is our latest edit where we showcase the gorgeous Izi Simundic for IXIAH. A blogger, model, free spirited beauty whose personaluty is infectious.



19th Apr 2016

Every season, I work with the IXIAH team to capture the essence of our collections. 

This is a look behind the scenes of our latest edit titled 'Spark Notes' that aims to ignite your senses. With focus on highlighing the latest lace & print pieces from the Autumn Winter Collection we decided to shoot on a dark and stormy night on the shores of my local Bondi Beach. We had a ball shooting the DIVINE Izi Sumundic who breathes fire and life into these styles. Shot in the dark of night, we wanted a look that was mesmerizing and contrasted with the soft lace garments. Using single source lighting for impact and a high contrast making this striking, strong and alowed the textures and fabrications to stand out. 

Sarah Laidlaw was briefed on a wet look for the hair and make up and as always she nailed it. With a twinkle of copper glitter in Izi's eye that is captured in some of our final edits that are coming soon.

Shot by Brycen Horne and Drew English. 



24th Mar 2016

Esther Houston is a talented and inspiring individual who is the face of our latest collaboration. We love this girl for all that she stands for, as a mum and a creative director, producer, entrepreneur & business owner she inspires us with her can do attitude. Esther came in to visit us in store and this campaign was finished within 2 days. Talk about fast paced and not wasting time!
Esther is an inspiration to women and she had us drooling on every image which we had to share with you.

4th Nov 2015

Sjana Elise is bubbly, down to earth & full of life. I understand how cliche this sounds but if you meet this girl her personality and energy is infectous. She is so full of energy and positive vibes that you really just fall in love with her as soon as you meet her. Not only is she a fitness guru & wellbeing expert Sjana is a blogger and now turned model who is taking over the world of Instagram as her personality shines through to her fans. In this shoot Sjana was styled by Angela Laing for Lita Magazine. A beautiful shoot portraying the essence of the IXIAH Spring Limited Edition Collection. 


Sjana wears the Ambience Beaded Maxi. 
Shop this look online here > 

Sjana wears the Shell Beaded Love Affair Overpiece. 
Shop this look online here > 

23rd Oct 2015

The Castaway is our latest collaboration with Madeline Joy Relph. An inpirational blogger who lives the kind of life that inspires dreams.... With a passion to travel and desire for adventure. With the stunning combination of Madeline's beauty she is the very essence of wanderlust. This campaign was suited to her, the beach lover, free spirit, the wild wonderer and traveller and we captured this through the essence she brings to the shoot.
In a series of shoots captured by Drew English we worked with Maddy to bring the IXIAH pieces for Spring alive. 

With Love

Maddy wears the Shell Fringe Overpiece.
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Maddy wears the Basic Tank.
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22nd Oct 2015

To view more of Rochelle’s style and travels click here

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22nd Oct 2015


23rd Sep 2015

Sheridyn Fisher is an earth wandering, sun chasing, ocean loving & creative soul. She is constantly inspiring me as a designer with her down to earth attitude, passionate, pro-active & fun loving approach to life!    Sheridyn is a successful business woman, brand ambassador & model and we just absolutely adore all that she stands for.

In this photoshoot Sheridyn chose her favourite pieces from the latest SS 2015 Collection Freefall and with her natural beauty and attention to detail captured the real essence of the garments in this magical shoot we are so proud to release to you. 

With Love
Krystel x


18th Sep 2015

Its the gown the Nation has been talking about and it is so thrilling to see one of my exclusive creations chosen as the stand out piece for the finale of The Bachelor on Network Ten. 
Snezana dazzled in the exclusive hand beaded gown that weighs over 6kgs and is framed by mother pf pearl shells that make up the entire train of this impeccible gown. Anne Stringer is the styling mastermind that I have to thank for making this magic happen on air last night as Sam proposed his love for Snezana. It makes all the hard work, the late nights and the tedious amounts of thought that go into a gown of this stature all worth while.
Thank you for all your comments and enquiries.
With Love
Krystel xx 

Stop by the IXIAH Flagship Store in Paddington to see the gown in the window. For all enquiries please email or call 02 8957 8242

F R E E F A L L : M O O D B O A R D

6th Aug 2015

As the the sun starts to get brighter and the days longer I cannot help but to get excited for the next release of our up-coming collection FREEFALL. 
This is an insight at the ideals, inspirations and designs that came into being to craete this collection.
FREEFALL is all about living in the moment and taking in the experiences that life hands to us, its about appreciation for the simple things, daring to take risks and always being true to yourself. Yet most importantly having the courage to follow your dreams. 

This collection is strong, yet hypnotic and I hope that it connects with you in the way that it has for me. FREEFALL has been  an outpour of my soul. It is about the sun, the sea and the natural beauty and abundance of life that have resonated to inspired me to create this collection.

Seashells are picked and hand sewn onto fringed overpieces, barefoot is essential as we choose magic over predictability through this life and allow ourselves to loive wild and free. To take the plunge to enjoy the 
F R E E F A L L . 

Preparing For Fashion Week

10th Apr 2015

Fashion Week signifies one of the busiest times of the year for me, think late nights, no sleep and lots of caffeine! In saying that I can't complain, I work as a creative doing what I love.

 This week has seen us make endless lists and tick an infinite amount of boxes. We are dressing everyone from models, to celebrities, to some of the top bloggers in Australia, all in the latest IXIAH creations. This is all done to generate a media buzz and means that our flagship store is a constant hive of activity!

 Casting, styling, fitting and working with our sponsors and PR companies to prepare the final collection for public viewing, is all in motion this week. It is a privilege to be invited to take part in such a global event that casts IXIAH as a designer label.

 All will be revealed next Wednesday April 15th at 4pm.

Be sure to watch the live stream of the show and stay tuned for all the juicy details!

 With Love,

 Krystel xx



6th Apr 2015

"Bringing Visions To Life"

 This year as we draw closer to our showcase at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week I am proud to announce our official Make Up Partner is Australis Cosmetics. Ladies if you have not yet got your hands on their products then you ought to! The quality, colours and range of merchandise is simply extraordinary.  Australis is all about essential beauty, with emphasis on natural and bronzed tones, they have the perfect products to suit every woman's needs.

 Gold, bronze and copper blends will take centre stage on the runway and will work to elegantly compliment our collection "Maharani"

 Ahead of every fashion week I begin to draw inspiration from those around me, I look for passionate and innovative people who can contribute to my showcase. No less can be said for the head of our make up team this year, Tre Dallas, a talented and visionary MUA.

 When I sat down with Tre and the Australis Team and described my concept for the upcoming show, including how I wanted the makeup to be done, they were effortlessly able to bring my vision to life. With the help of Australis Cosmetics, I am assured that every IXIAH model will look extraordinary at MBFW.  

With Love,

Krystel xx

M I M I -X- I X I A H

12th Feb 2015

A well-known name to all in the blog-o-sphere, Mimi Elashiry, is a beauty that has captured the hearts of many with her charismatic personality and fun-loving vibes.

 In this shoot IXIAH teamed up with the talented Rochelle Fox & Chris Sol on their latest campaign for their IAMU Collective "Mimi" Edition.

 I absolutely adore what these guys have produced and I hope you do too! Be sure to check out more of the collection which is available online now at:

With Love,
Krystel xx 



4th Mar 2015

Lauren Kawano is an LA beauty who showcases originality, a strong personality, integrity and is a free spirit. We love how she adores the IXIAH brand and aesthetc and it really shows in these images. Lauren is pictured here in one of her favourite IXIAH pieces, the Pharos Chain Maxi Dress. 
With Love


23rd Oct 2014

This City Life... 
Sometimes times leaves us behind and we lose ourselves in our daily routines. One of my absolute favourite things to do is stroll into the city and explore with my one & only. We see the new faces, the new places and soak in the buzzing energy called life that this beautiful city has to surrender.
No day is ever the same. Time moves and so do we. It is up to us to capture moments we feel are worthwhile. 

With Love x 

(Wearing the Pharos Chain Maxi Dress in Black)


6th Nov 2014

on Location... shooting our next feature
Singer & Songwriter Brittany Cairns shoots for IXIAH's next feature 'DreamWeaver'. Britt is a free spirit full of love & life and is chasing her dreams as she sets out to challenge the music industry. I am so excited to reveal these images to you of a shoot where we captured the spirit of a rising star.

With Love

On set I am wearing the Wanderlove Top 


28th Oct 2014

IXIAH has hit the racks of MYER this week with their debut Resort Collection that graced the runway earlier this year at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.

With a focus on showcasing up and coming designers MYER has launched an initiative where emerging designers will be stocked in MYER stores. With the launch of this program IXIAH has been invited to showcase their latest Resort Collection in a bid to gain the hype and attention of shoppers.  Stand out pieces that will adorn these racks include light as air dresses, intricate hand-made tapestries, carefully cut embroidery, eclectic tribal inspired prints and delicate bead work. Tones of soft beiges, coppered metallics & muted peach contrasts create an elegant, feminine & luxurious feel to the MYER aesthetic.

IXIAH will bring to the fashion forefront their rare elements including unique bindings and gilded tapestries offering an experience of something different, of quality & of luxury. 

Speaking about the launch into MYER, IXIAH’s Creative Director Krystel Davis said “It it the right time for IXIAH to present the brand into Australia’s leading fashion retailer & to be aligned with some of Australia’s top designers. IXIAH prides itself on its unique product and the MYER shopper is our key target. I am looking forward to people seeing our product up close & this translating into some strong sales.” 

IXIAH will be located on Level 1 (the Designer Level) in Melbourne & Sydney City Stores. 


8th Aug 2014

Pale 'Winter' Days are  not always melancholy. Sometimes the light is dull, the days are crisp and the air is cool but fresh these are often a favourite of mine in the Sydney Winter.
Today I have hand selected a few of my favourite pieces from the Winter 'Elixir' Collection; The Dominion Chain Jacket & Asphyxia Maxi

With Love


1st Aug 2014

These are as few snapshots of the process that created the latest Winter Collection ' The Elixir'.

When I design I always tell a strory. The collections always reflect an idea. The story behind this collection was one of a potion hence 'The Elixir', where I wanted to capture the essence of the philosophy of mythical and endless life taking you on a journey of grand adventure.

This Collection has been designed with the purpose to impress and up hold the individualistic spirit displayed in past collections whilst also introducing the new. Displays of rare, unique bindings along with splashes of metallic and reflective fabrications entice you into the ideology of eternal life that is ELIXIR.



25th Jul 2014

On my way to a meeting for Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Sydney this year to discuss many exciting opportunities for IXIAH, Jami happened to snap my outfit on this gorgeous sunny Sydney day. All monochromed in my fav IXIAH Winter pieces from 'The Elixir' Collection

Wearing The Languar Coat & Lucid Legging

Up Close: The Lucid Legging


17th Jul 2014

This salty-lipped, sun-kissed blonde is the featured face for my latest Capsule Shoot. Crystal clear and expansive like the ocean, you can see why I have chosen Britt.

Her look is edgy and her heart is wild, yet there’s a subtle softness to her smile. Her style oozes confidence, creativity and class. She’s raw, real and she epitomizes everything IXIAH stands for.

Britt’s a risk-taker, an adventurer and loves the outdoors, jumping into the surf with partner pro-surfer Mark Matthews any chance she can get. Currently residing in Maroubra, Sydney and working as a freelance graphic designer, this 22 year-old beauty is our latest craze. Stand aside early morning sunrise, it was Britt’s blue eyes that held our gaze.

Pairing the elements of the ocean - the wind, the sand and the sunshine - with Britt’s favourite IXIAH pieces. Discover another way to wear IXIAH. Blend into your natural environment, yet stand out in a crowd.

Enjoy the sun soaked, love drenched magic. 


T R A V E L - D I A R Y .

11th Jul 2014

My latest travels took me once again to Asia. I flew to Hong Kong and then to China. This trip was to focus on finalising the Autumn/ Winter 2015 Collection (I cannot believe we are thinking 2015 that use to be the future). Hong Kong was humid and sticky, although it was so nice to feel the warmth after leaving the cold WInter days in Sydney. 

The next season I am working on is titled 'The Renegade' and has a focus on strong silhouettes, sophisticated tailoring & intricate beadwork. I was compiling custom made fabrications for the Spring 2015 Collection, sample development, designing the accessories & putting finishing touches to the collection for it to speak louder than words. 
All will be unveiled soon 

I X I A H ' F I E D .

9th Jun 2014

Hair Expo Australia brings together the top hairdressers nationally for show stopping performances, demonstrations and the like. It was an absolute pleasure to collaborate on the Hair 2D show featuring Clive Allwright & Sam Overton. A huge thank you for the stunning girls from London Management Models you girls were incredible to work with as I watched you all in pain as your hair was tugged and pulled and curled & briushed in all the most awkward positions imaginable.
Here are a few of my favourite snaps taken from the day by photographer Sean Foster.



T H E - E L I X I R .

11th Jun 2014

Using light as an object & creating strong silhouettes can create a mood that is both powerful yet beautiful. Showcasing a few of my favourite pieces from our Winter 'Elixir' Collection these shots showcase the details in the IXIAH pieces and breathe a touch of life into them. 

S T R E E T - W A L K I N G .

23rd May 2014

Captured by Black Eagle Photography on the Streets of Sydney. Jami & I head to a lunch meeting in IXIAH. Love these in the moment shots of us. DREAM-TEAM is am under statement

Krystel wears Opiate Sequin Jacket & Aversion Basic. Jami wears Sacrament Knit Tunic & Languar Coat

W E E K E N D - W A R R I O R S !

20th May 2014

IXIAH showcased at Fashion Weekend Sydney from Thurs 15 through to Sunday 18th May and we were a force to be reckoned with!
I sent our tribal warriors down the runway complete with the top Autumn Winter looks for this season. Collaborating with top Sydney Stylist Margaret Zhang & Producer Lara of Lara Inc. this was deemed to be a stand out show. Not to mention our opening look was the perfect Yaya Deng who was a finalist on the latest TV Show 'The Face' that has just wrapped up on Fox. 

It was a truly wonderful weekend, with loads of great designers, it was lovely to meet all of you who stopped by and said hello. We look forward to doing it all over again next year.

I L L U M I N A T E .

20th May 2014

Silhouettes of the human figure always make for some beautiful shots. This is a capsule shoot where I focused on the attention to the movement of the body and the clothing is second to none. 

I love the raw elegance & simplicity of these shots, where the free movement depicts the story, the character & the darkness of the surroundings. 

Dance: if defined is 'to move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps' but it is so much more than that. Dance evoked emotions, feelings, it has the capability to tell stories all through movement without sound. This is something that is so spectacular to me & had to be explored. 


F A L L E N - N I G H T .

9th May 2014

This is a recent capsule shoot that displays IXIAH's Winter Knitted Dress - The Torpor Knit.
A warm chuncky knit full of texture and body woven from acrylic fibres.
This is absolutely a piece I am lusting over at the moment and its perfect for snuggling into this Winter. Keep warm until the Summer Sun Returns.

With thanks to
Photographer: Drew English
Model: Jami Sutcliffe  


T H A T ' S - A - W R A P .

17th Apr 2014

Showcasing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is an incredible opportunity for any brand and this year on Thursday April 10 IXIAH showcased their Summer Collection for the first time at MFWA. I feel honoured to be part of such an incredible experienced and I feel humbled by the support received not just from friends & family but from the media, retailers and really large names in the industry. 
Now that it is all over it is really great to look over the event as a whole and take in all the feedback. It has been an over-whelming yet successful experience that will not be forgotten.
Thank you to all of you who were a part of it especially our partners; Haymes Paint, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, KMS California for Hair, Cirqlate PR & Lara Inc Events.

P R E P A R A T I O N S - M B F W A .

12th Feb 2014

Preparing for Fashion Week is exciting yet daunting all at the same time. Emotions fly high and the nerves really take you by the throat. Fashion week for IXIAH's first showcase is a scary unveiling and you hope to receive a positive outcome. As an over-organsied control freak everything was prepared and triple checked. It was important to gewt the looks exactly right and to the IXIAH aesthetic. the models needed to have personality and be firece enough to showcase the brand for the first time. 

The hair, the make up, the shoes are all important elements that make the looks all come together and tell the story of the collection. Storyboards were collated, models were chosen, colour palettes were perfected, hemlines were modified, overpieces wer made last minute to all help to make the collection be shown to its full potential. 



S O - L O N G - S U M M E R .

6th Mar 2014

Summer - I simply LOVE you with all of my heart. 
I love your warmth, your extended hours of sunshine in the day, the time you allow me to spend with family, friends and loved ones.
A favourite past time of mine is  travelling up the coast with my now fiance roughing it in his van. Sleeping where-ever the road will take us. I love getting off the beaten track. It brings you closer to nature and soothes your soul from a lot of the superficial crap that can consume our everyday lives. 
Visiting sleepy towns, exploring new beaches and sandy shores just wash my worries away. I cannot get enough of salty hair, sun kissed skin & sand between my toes.

So, to help me get over saying goodbye to my favourite part of the year I have put together a few of my favourites memories of the Summer we had. We had magical long days, picture perfect sunsets & amazing times!

P E R F E C T I O N - I N - P E R T H.

24th Feb 2014

Perth was a whirlwind trip. Visiting stores and showcasing the intricate Spring 14 Collection, left absolutely no time for play. The weather was incredible, the days were hot and although I was indoors I did have a spectaclar view of the sea which made everything just perfect. 
These are a few of the daily snaps I managed to take.
With Love xx 

My fav Fall pieces. Plaint Crop & Semblance Metallic Dress

Street Wlaking in the Introit Shirt 

A room with a view, makes work seem a little more like play. 
Thanks for having us Pier 21 

M A N I C - I N - M E L B O U R N E.

24th Feb 2014

Recently I flew to Melbourne just for the day. I must say it truly is such a beautiful city. The sun shined as I dashed from one meeting to the next. It was a day full of appointments, showings and presentations for the new Spring Collection that will hit stores this August.
I love Melbbourne for its grunge culture, street art and just all round buzzing vibe. I obviously couldn't refuse getting a cheeky shot in the back graffiti alley just off Collins St as it just screams photo-worthy. I was decked head-to-toe in the new Winter Collection and I am almost a little excited for Winter to arrive just to be adorning the next season!

I was also fortunate enough to stop into a gorgeous little cafe '50 Acres'. Settled in on the retail end of Bridge Road, providing shoppers the perfect little coffee haven and was a perfect pitt stop. I highly recommend it.
Now my adventures lead me to Perth so stay tuned.

With Love 
KD xx 


B E H I N D - T H E - C U R T A I N .

4th Feb 2014

Shooting the IXIAH aesthetic is always a challege. Every collection depicts a story and carries its own inspiration and adventure. Bringing this to life is always daunting yet so rewarding when we wrap. 
These are a few of my favourite images that really capture the Behind the Scenes of our Fall 14 Shoot. So come behind the Curtain of the perfect images and see them in their true form.  

T H E - C R E A T I O N - O F - F A L L .

29th Jan 2014

Creation is my exertion. For Fall 14, I wanted to create a sport luxe feel collection. I have infused mesh with hand beadwork, I have gold metallic embroidered fabrications that contrast with weighted plain fabrics. It is all about the angular lines, the perfection of the body and allowing your senses to draw on details that have never yet been seen.

H O N G - K O N G - H E I G H T S.

11th Dec 2013

Work travels lead me to the eclectic city of Hong Kong regularly. Every overseas trip is a unique experience that leaves me inspired and thristy to create the new colelction. Its the streets, the life, the colours that surround you everyday that I draw on for inspiration.
This trip saw me sourcing new embellishments and details for the upcoming Summer Collection that will be showcased at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - so I was feeling the pressure. I was meeting suppliers, agents,fitting all the Spring samples and finalising all fabrications. It was a non -stop 7 days and my favourite part of thiss bustling city is catching up with my good friend Jill and eating loads of Asian cuisine.


S T R A N D E D .

23rd Dec 2013

Blogger Gypsy Lovin Light captures IXIAH on film

30th Dec 2013

Frankie in her element & in IXIAH! This shot needs no words 

S T R O L L I N '

17th Dec 2013

Loving being home. Loving my street, loving Bondi beach, Loving summer nights, loving my life on a sequined Sunday!

S K E T C H - P A D .

9th Dec 2013

A page from the sketch book

F I N I S H I N G - T O U C H .

11th Dec 2013

Perfecting the next collection

E N - R O U T E

10th Dec 2013

From One Appointment to the Next - HONG KONG ! 

M A N N E Q U I N - M O N D A Y .

10th Dec 2013

Managing the Mannequins on a Monday 

S Y N E R G Y .

13th Nov 2013

Neon Beadwork - Spensy my bro snaps me in my Bondi Garage - Hilarious


U P - C L O S E .

20th Nov 2013

Missy Confidential spend the day with me in the showroom. We laughed, photographed and I really didnt get any work done at all. Ahhh what a day! Loved having you ladies spemd the day

K A L E I D O S C O P E .

7th Oct 2013

An amazing shot of the Aztec Silk Maxi worn by blogger W By White Wolfe

P R O F I L E .

6th Nov 2013

Just another day in the office . . . 

W A N D E R E R .

9th Dec 2013

Model Caroline walks the deserted sunes on location, shoes in hand, shooting Spring 2013

C R E A T E .

28th Sep 2013

Creation starts now! A snap of my latest moodboard. 

S U N R A Y S .

16th Oct 2013

The Suns Rays on a Sunday! Feathered and fringed in IXIAH 


B O H E M I A N .

27th Sep 2013

A short stroll to the beach. Ahhh the simple things.

W O N D E R - L U S T .

27th Sep 2013

Sourcing treasures in an antique market 
Mexico 2012 xx 

L I Q U I D G O L D .

11th Sep 2013

Interview with Isle Three TV. Nothing better than a Beaded Neckline & Liquid Gold Metallic Jeans!

E L - D O R A D O .

23rd Aug 2013

Spring 13 Collection Video
El Dorado (pronounced: ɛl də’ra : doʊ/; Spanish for “the gilded one”) 
is the name of a tribal chief who covered himself with gold dust and dove into the Guatavita Lake. El-Dorado later became the name of the legendary “Lost City of Gold” 

E N T E R .

5th Aug 2013

Loved having Carmen Smith drop by the showrrom today. We cannot wait for her tour later this year

R E N E E - in - L . A .

4th Jul 2013

Celebrity TV Presenter Renee Bargh rocks our Inscribe Silk Shirt in LA while celebrating 4th July! 

D E L I N E A T E .

3rd Jul 2013

Casting the face of Fall 14 ! Models wear Delineate Dress from Winter 13 Inscription Collection

G O L D R U S H .

1st Jul 2013

Boundaries Coat with a touch of Gold on a Monday 

I X I A H - W E S T F I E L D .

24th May 2013

IXIAH Unveils Winter Collection at Westfield Sydney 

The IXIAH boutique officially opened its doors as winner of the 100Squared Emerging Designer Search as chosen by Shop til you Drop Magazine.

The long awaited event took place at Westfield Sydney and included a retail space, completely re-vamped exclusively for the special occasion. A private bar area was setup while branded cakes, pastries and piccolo’s of Perrier, C Coconut Water and sparkling wine flowed seamlessly throughout the night.

The uniquely crafted IXIAH fashion was unveiled to the public and presented in their renowned textural aesthetic where fabrications and attention to detail took centre stage; stamping Krystel Davis as a designer of the future. The designer expressed and re-enforced just how important and worthwhile this opportunity is of providing shoppers an IXIAH experience within the heart of Australia’s largest retailer.

C O L L A B O R A T E .

7th May 2013

Recently we had the pleasure of collaborating with the Designer Bag gurus...Reebonz to officially launch the opening of their first Flagship Store in the Sydney CBD. Viviens models showcased the incredible bags and the IXIAH clothing intensified the designer looks by adding character and a subtle elegance. A really great evening

E X H I B I T .

19th May 2013

IXIAH at Fashion Weekend where IXIAH dominated the runway, designer interviews took place & most importantly style-savvy fashion lovers got their brand new wardrobe fix from over 100 of the country’s best-loved designer brands 

Q U I L T E D .

9th May 2013

Love this shot of the gorgseous Ainsley from Sticks & Stones Agency in the quilted metallic coated Congress Skirt


1st May 2013

An Inspirational Film by Drew English that I've discovered; 

Really puts life into perspective. What would you do if you had one day? We truly do live in a fabulous country, makes me want to go to Nth QLD for my next break

O N - S E T .

24th Apr 2013

Behind the Scenes shooting the IXIAH look book and campaign for Winter 13 'Inscription' Collection

M B F W A .

8th Apr 2013

Lara & I head to day 2 of Merecedes Benz Fashion Week at Carriageworks, Sydney xx

U N V E I L .

9th Apr 2013

Unveiling 'INCA' SS13-14 Collection during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia xx

D A Y { I I }.

9th Apr 2013

Day 2: Lara & I head to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney 

C O L L A B O R A T E .

21st Apr 2013

MUK Haircare & IXIAH Collaborate for the Hair Expo in Brisbane

S E E K .

20th Mar 2013

Seek & you shall discover! Exploring the northern coastline making daisy chains and soaking the last of the Autumn sun rays in my Cryptic Basic 

S F B .

1st Apr 2013

Always a pleasure having the gorgeous Antionette - 'Sydney Fashion Blogger' visit us at IXIAH HQ xx

S U B - S T A T E D.

17th Mar 2013

Sub-State Tee & Peninsula Skirt from Fall 13 Collection

I N S C R I B E .

13th Mar 2013

Ready to brace these colder months. Wearing the Silk Inscription Vest from Winter 13 Collection

S A I N T - O M E R .

18th Mar 2013

The always beautiful Jessica Mauboy in our St. Omer Beaded Silk Jacket from Fall 13 

S T R O L L I N G .

16th Apr 2013

Sunday strolling with my fav. Wearing the Inscription Silk Vest

S K E T C H P A D .

15th Mar 2013

A U R A .

2nd Jan 2013

The aura of the next collection aims to inspire with whites, beading and embroidery and a journey that encapsulates a touch of colour

M O N O - C H R O M E .

18th Feb 2013

Felling monochromatic! Loving the Co-ordinates skirt from my latest Winter Collection 'Inscription'

E X A L T .

11th Mar 2013

Constantly looking implausible in IXIAH we exalt Carissa Walford!

T E S S E L A T E .

7th Mar 2013

This afternoon was tesselated with rays of sunshine as I as I head for a dinner date with a few of the girls. Wearing IXIAH Sacrifice Singlet & Peninsula Skirt

{ I N } S C R I P T I O N .

20th Dec 2012

Lara & I get ready for selling 'Inscription' for Winter 2013 ! Love this girl

O B S E S S I O N .

11th Feb 2013

 I'm in awe of this beauty: my Celine Bag
Another obession this season is my Metallic coated IXIAH Congress Quilted Skirt xx

O N E .

1st Mar 2013

One Teaspoon Homewares launch with these gorgeous ladies

P R O V I N C I A .

5th Feb 2013

E S C A P E .

19th Dec 2012

Basking in the Sun drawing in the rays in the IXIAH Escapes Dress that I've had hand beaded. Definitely a fav this season

P E R I S C O P E S .

10th Feb 2013

Loving these balmy Summer nights, where the salt is in the air and the sun sets are brighter & ther nights are longer. Wearing my Periscopes Tank & Alexander Wang boots

L A S T - A S H E S .

9th Feb 2013

The always adorable Shay Mitchell looks divine in the IXIAH Last Ashes Skirt. We love this lady & her style. 

O N F I L M .

5th Feb 2013

The latest travels captured on film;

Join me on a journey through Northern America and a particular exploration of sun-drenched Mexico…
A place where your senses fall into overload with foreign tastes, enveloping aromas & curious back streets that take your mind for the adventure faster than your feet. Bursting with vivid tapestries, resplendent markets, ancient cultures and animated locals this was one adventure that would fuel inspiration for seasons to come.
Krystel xx

F E A T U R E D .

9th Jan 2013

I was lucky to be asked to be featured in Shop til You Drop Magazine to show readers my home & IXIAH studio. Loved working with the Shop team. Check out this month's Shop to see the 4 page Feature.

I N S P I R E .

16th Dec 2012

The IXIAH Spring Moodboard drips with gold, texture, metallics & cultural inspirations

C E L E B R A T E .

10th Oct 2012

In celebration of IXIAH's first birthday our High Summer collection ‘SANGOMA’ launched to the media & public on 10.10.12. 

In a joint venture with The Grand Social, Model Co, Paul Mitchell, Asahi & Batlow Cider the IXIAH’IAN Celebration was a stage for a birthday bash starring all the right ingredients –bottles, models, & fashion squabbles!

F E S T I V E .

14th Dec 2012

IXIAH'FIED at Festival of the Sun

W R A P P E D .

21st Dec 2012

Thanks to all of you who came to the IXIAH Sample Sale. Now that's a wrap to another year. Happy Holidays and safe travels see you on the other side

A T - L A S T .

15th Dec 2012


C H I N A - H E I G H T S .

11th Dec 2012

Sifting through mountains of fabrics on the latest trip to China. Think bright, textured, hand-made embroidery & jewels.

S C R A T C H I N G T H E S U R F A C E .

5th Dec 2012

Discovering the un-tame yet colourful streets of Hong Kong. A destination I've visited numerous times although I've hardly scratched the surface.

P O N C H O S .

23rd Nov 2012

Taken in the Zinacantan Village in Chiapas, this pic is a definite fav from Mexico. Dressed by Maria (pictured) in her hand embroidered poncho in front of her mud brick home


12th Nov 2012

We are so excited to announce the opening of our E-Boutique.
Check it out

30th Oct 2012


Latest travels packed me on a journey through North America and a particular exploration of sun-drenched Mexico …
A place where your senses fall into overload with foreign tastes, enveloping aromas & curious back streets that take your mind for the adventure faster than your feet. Bursting with vivid tapestries, resplendent markets, ancient cultures and animated locals this was one adventure that would fuel inspiration for seasons to come.



E Q U I N O X .

17th Oct 2012

Beading, metallics & fringing for Spring 2012

I C O N I C .

11th Oct 2012

The Iconic celebrated their first birthday on Thursday and as an allocated brand we were there to share in the festivities.

S N A P S H O T S .

5th Oct 2012

A snapshot on set shooting our Winter Collection 'Inscription'

D R E A M - T E A M .

20th Sep 2012

That's a wrap! Last shot after Fall 13 Look Book & Campaign shoot with these incredible talents.

O N S E T .

2nd Oct 2012

Behind the scenes on a latest shoot with Shop til You Drop

S H O W R O O M C H A T S .

25th Jan 2012

Lara & I in the shoroom chatting all things Summer before I head to Hong Kong 

S A N G O M A .

4th Sep 2012

A new creation representing the High Summer Collection "Sangoma"
This collection extends the heart of Africa onto a series of cloth & textile, fueling a new tribal mood xx 

A R T I S T R Y .

6th Aug 2012

Playing with textures + jewels for the high Summer campaign

P I T T - S T O P .

30th Jul 2012

Taste  testing watermelon  with  sea  salt ?! Supposed to  make  it  sweeter... 

A X I O M .

17th Jul 2012

'Patience is a virtue until its silence burns you' lyrics by the incredible TV on the Radio

A M O R E .

15th Jul 2012

@ the anchor in bondi with one of my gorgeous besties Amelia, a tigerlily goddess !

C A P T U R E D .

15th Jul 2012

On  the  road  again  //  selling  the  range  with  La’s  in  sunny  Qld  and enjoying  a  glass  of  (well  deserved)  Malbec  the  night  before  xx

O N - L O C A T I O N !

11th Jul 2012

Photographer Jason Ierace shooting 'Elysian Fields' for Spring 2012! 
It was a  close-call with the weather forecasted to rain, hail and NOT SHINE !!! 

H E L L O - H O N G - K O N G

30th Jun 2012

Pre summer  fittings  call  for  another  overseas  trip ! Just  found  out  one of  my  bestie’s (and latest one teaspoon designer ;)  Virginie,  is  staying in the  same  hotel  as  me!  Cant  wait  for  sake  and  monster  sushi ~

A  lot  of  hard  work  has  gone  down... Exhausted  from  the  fittings, fabric  markets,  tech packs,  meetings,  supplier interviews,  bead sourcing,  machine testing  and  production  management.. Phew !  Its gonna  be  good  to  get  home

G i r l f r r r i e n d !

12th Jun 2012

Shoot with Girlfriend mag today love working with those lovely ladies! Chelsea (who I am styling) was a star

R E M I N I S C I N G .

28th May 2012

Kurt  and  I  on  the  ‘rocks’ ;) Bondi  australia


15th Oct 2014



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