IXIAH is essentially for those with an individualistic spirit who dare to be diff-erent but not necessarily eccentric. 

IXIAH was formed in November 2011. The business was created to serve a niche in the fashion industry. IXIAH has built a representation in the industry for its retail premium quality, mid-to-high end garments that appeal to the modern sophisticated woman.

IXIAH collections are true to Krystel’s vision, she is constantly inspired by tribal elements, cultures, colour and texture. These all come into play as her innovation proves to be original and  theresore marks IXIAH as classic, edgy & refined with a raw elegance.  

IXIAH offers an  experience of something different, of quality and of  luxury by  designing garments that range from  Limited Edition, Ready-to-Wear & a Basics Line. 





Womanswear  upper mainline. A  demi-couture line which is  the labels most  fashion - forward, innovative  and  recognizable garments. These pieces often include  hand sewn  exuberant  designs that are  richly textured.


Easy yet striking silhouettes. Designed for the  ‘Ixiahan’ woman  with edge who enjoys wearing designer clothes from day - to - day.


Timeless,  classic  staples. These  make up the  basis of a wardrobe, they’re the must haves — the wardrobe essentials.