Design Inspiration + Name

In  2011, the IXIAH brand  was introduced  as a wholesale label and now IXIAH is found in a select few boutiques, online and our main attraction ins our Flagship Store in Paddington, Sydney.  The name/title was inspired  by  a  unique floral,  native to  southern Africa. Some  distinctive  traits included  sword - like leaves,  and star - shaped flowers.  This  was  befitting of Davis’  trademark   whereby  she  often  engages  with  a   design  balance  of masculine  feminine  shape  and  form.

The  genus name  is also  derived from the Greek  word 'ixias' which  translates into  having   chameleon  characteristics.  Another  befitting  quality  for  Davis’  designs  whose  industry  is rooted  in the  very idea of  ‘ changing skins ’. This direction  inspired  the  team  and  thus  the  title   IXIAH  was  born.



" Our  vision with IXIAH is  to develop and grow  the label  based on a  unique, creative and innovative design concept, one that is unlike any other Australian label, the intention is to  create an  international label  set to  evolve a  life of its own. "

 – Krystel Davis,  Founder  &  Creative Director