An island escapade, featuring the Russian born model, muse, influencer & Bali beauty Lis Olesya on life, social media and her favourite discoveries of her island home, Bali.

A MUST SEE: Pasut Beach
“I fell in love with this unique place with its black volcanic sand, deserted of people it's a place of relaxation and tranquility.”

I have always travelled, and 3 years ago I moved to Bali and  now this is my Island home. From the black sand beaches to the steaming jungles, lush rice terraces, majestic waterfalls, I get lost in the tranquility of this place. It never ceases to inspire.

MY FAVOURITE PLACE: Secumpul Waterfall.
"This is my place of power."

When I want movement, I make more videos.
I want the moments to become alive ...
I write about life & I show living, I don’t choose a single
colour in my feed it is all dependant on my mood.

STAR SIGN: I am a Capricorn.
Representatives of this sign are a love of work, I can’t live without constantly creating. 

My style embodies finding custom pieces that are not mass produced. I have an obsession with luxe fabrications and embroideries. I adore pieces that are made by hand. These qualities make items priceless. 

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