World of I X I A H



We have been in a hiatus these past few years, Krystel had 2 babies (yawn), we have defined the IXIAH brand ethos to be stronger than ever, and with our ever-growing customers who allow us to excel and create unique slow-fashion styles we were ready to be back at MBFWA this year. Our show was scheduled for May 11. Our team was ready, our collection perfected and we were hit by the infamous COVID-19. In amidst all of this, and coming to terms with everything being cancelled, we are grateful to have formed alignments with these industry leaders. We were ready to catapult the creativity we had envisaged to showcase at Fashion Week and we are transcending this until further notice. For now, let us introduce our partners; our vegan, sustainable, organic partners that care about the environment and our carbon footprint as much as we do.

As a creative brand, we are proud to introduce De Lorenzo Hair Care.
We chose them as an Australian owned and operated Organisation. Every product is made and produced here. De Lorenzo is all about applying ethical and natural approaches to their unique products with absolutely no animal ingredients or testing. If you haven’t used their products before, a distinct trademark is the smell! All of their haircare products use plant-based ingredients and are infused with natural botanical oils and native plants such as wattle seed and Kakadu plum.

De Lorenzo are actively exploring new hair and ethical solutions to introduce to the industry including their own packaging. Exploring recycled PET for wherever possible is one of the many ways the company is lowering their carbon footprint.

De Lorenzo is all about applying ethical and natural approaches to their unique products


INIKA Organic is our organic and natural makeup skincare alliance that is reputable for deriving products from quality ingredients and ethical foundations. They are currently making a difference in the industry with their wholesome, pure and natural alternatives. Certified organic, 100% cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, free from toxic chemicals and synthetics and 100% halal, they are pioneering clean ethical beauty without any compromise.

Our generation is becoming a lot more aware and conscious, so with INIKA on board, it is great to show to our audience the holistic approach to being sustainable and how to make the alternative switch to using healthy skincare solutions. 


We introduce Le Tan as part of our alignment this year and we couldn’t be more excited to have a brand so closely aligned with our vision alongside De Lorenzo and Inika Organic. Creating conscious and ethically made chemical-free tanning and sun protection products with a guaranteed even glow.

We are so fortunate to have promising partnerships that create slowly produced, well researched and socially responsible products that are designed for the future conscious consumer. All together we can enlighten the industry with progressive thinking for what really matters – the planet.

IXIAH is seeking new ways to low the carbon footprint and reduce our impact in all sectors of the business so we are excited to see what the collaborative journey will entail and what the next sustainable goal is that we tick off.