World of I X I A H


Surfacing from the darkness, our A/W Collection is an ethereal play of light vs dark.
Drawn from the night sky, a natural and infinite celestial canopy of sparkling starlight draws us to this otherworldly aura of design. Featuring a gunmetal sequin fabric that glistens at a glance, perforated unique patterns that explore elegant shapes with hints of gold clusters and a nuanced palette of monochromes. All of this is contrasted by soft and delicate laces cut into panels & infused with dusty pink studs and framed by intricate bindings.

This collection is a dance with darkness, a wild romance. 

Creating a mood of serenity through a cloud of delicate embroideries & laces, 'Into the Underside' explores craftsmanship through the creation and examines a play of light vs dark.
An ethereal monochromatic colour palette is combined with hints of embellishments to create unique pieces. Billowing linens are contrasted with 3-dimensional trims while floating floor length textural dresses illuminate light and softness. These essentials combined create a mood of serenity and an exploration of a dreamy attire.

Drawn from the night sky, a natural and infinite celestial canopy of sparkling starlight and orb-like iridescent moons, look to a lunar-inspired fabrication of dim lit sequins.

An otherworldly aura is conceived through the distinctive shapes & silver metal appliqués that highlight and give structure to each piece. A strong lace is contrasted with robust silver stud work, that brings a soft element to contrast this dazzling sequin.

Alluring, mystical & unexpectedly sensual, you will lose yourself in this enchanting darkness. The dark colour palette is bought to life through seductive shapes, sensual silhouettes are framed by heavy beadwork or the use of gold studs that are applied like stars in the night sky. Unexpected shapes take form through seductive unique patterns, framed with sheer bindings that expose subtle glimpses of skin and are highlighted by nuanced pale studs.

This capsule resonates a dance with darkness, a wild romance.