World of I X I A H


For our latest collection, "An Immaculate Heart" we chose to shoot in the open outdoors, in the dense sunlight & open plains of the landscape that surrounds us. This is a collection that ignites a sense of raw beauty and we had an incredible time creating the story that evolves. It is through these images where the collection comes to life.

An Immaculate Heart is about bringing a strong spiritual energy to an endearing feminine soul. This latest collection is a celebration of style, of hand detailing and of intricate embroidery and beadwork. To showcase the delicate forms that have taken over a year to construct (some longer) this process is all part of design, creation & innovation. These images were taken during the day and were too beautiful not to share...

This would not have been possible without our incredible team;

Cinematographer & Photographer: Drew English
Hair & Make Up: Sarah Laidlaw
Model: Natalie Stal, Kult Models
Assisting: Montanna Weinberger, Alissar Hammoud