World of I X I A H


A collection that stays true to our aesthetic of pushing the boundaries of originality. Infusing unique design details into tailored silhouettes for the girl who wants to be bold yet effortless.

The creative process is all about trial and error, refinement and quality control. All of our gold and hot fix studs have been tested to be long lasting and functional on our designs. Our styles are further fitted on a range of body shapes and further altered to work across all different female forms. It is all about creating styles that empower women while having a timeless/versatile quality to them.
The very foundation of ‘Paint it Black’ came from our mood board and the concept of translating chaos and madness into magic.
We found during our creative process that the beauty of design is that there are no limitations and we wanted to reflect this into our styles.

Our design instincts were to be visually bold and refine our shapes with studs and binding to further highlight the modern silhouette.
We wanted to further explore cuts that had aspects of tailoring, adjustability and comfort while also being cutting edge and innovative.
For the classic, for the daring for the bold.
‘Paint it Black’ is for the new age woman.