Did you know $1 of every purchase you make is donated to Thread Together?

IXIAH is proud to be in partnership with Thread Together, a charity organisation dedicating its time and energy to finding ethical & sustainable responses to the ever-growing problem of fashion excess.

We spent the day volunteering at the Thread Together headquarters in Sydney and chatted with CEO Antony to learn a bit more about what they are doing.

“Access to brand new clothing is a human right”. In Australia 1 in 8 adults and 1 in 6 children are living below the poverty line. “The goal is to give what we have in excess to the people who have less.”

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. One-third of all new clothing is destined to landfill imminently. Exceeding at times what seems like an impossible task, Thread Together has woven their own silver lining into the ever-growing problems of fashion & textile waste. Situating themselves as a “broker” between the fashion industry and the people in need, Thread Together gives the dignified experiences of new clothing to those who have less.

It was just 3 years ago Thread Together was only able to dispatch 1500 units a month, now more than 110,000 units leave the warehouse every month. “The demand has always been there, but now we have a greater capacity to meet that demand”. 

The organisation has built up an effective network of over 1000+ brand partners, charity partners, local community groups and other organisations to make it a successful operation. 

“We’ve found that we have needed to look for innovative ways to manage the textile waste we can't give away”. 

Anthony and the Thread Together team are involved in finding ways to re-purpose products by up-cycling and re-invention methods. Currently, the team have been de-commissioning swimwear into solid building tiles to use as a material in their own crisis accommodation centres

Another initative is a pilot program with Cotton Australia, and their regenerative cotton farms. By sorting and stripping cotton garments, Thread together is able to send off de-commissioned cotton pieces to be turned into mulch that is put back into the cotton fields. 

After a productive day of volunterring at the Thread Together warehouse the words which stuck the most from Antony was “its better to do something than nothing”.

IXIAH is proud to partnered with Thread together. We are proud to be a company with limited wastage, all stock is either donated or left to sell through, we rarely go on sale or degrate the value of our product. We are slowly produce and designed so that every piece is made with a timeless approach to dressing for you. 

Just $5 can provide an enitre new wardrobe for somone in need. Dontate today >