At IXIAH, our mission is to maintain transparency, craft timeless styles untethered by fleeting trends, and champion sustainability and social responsibility.

We firmly believe that exquisite clothing should neither harm the earth nor exploit the environment. We are dedicated to sharing our ongoing sustainability journey across all facets of our business as we evolve.


We have embraced a transformative approach to design, establishing IXIAH as a brand untethered by trends. Proudly steering towards timelessness and versatility, we've earned our reputation as a dedicated slow fashion company. Season after season, we craft unique fabrications in-house to complement each collection. Every print originates in our Sydney Studio, with custom lace always tailored to perfection.

Our commitment to exclusivity is evident in our collaboration with global artisans, resulting in one-of-a-kind designs exclusive to IXIAH. Working closely with our creators, the design team shapes custom hardware molds, unique accessories, bindings, and fabric forms, infusing innovation into traditional techniques.

In a conscious shift away from synthetic fabrics, we consistently explore and incorporate more natural materials in our collections, marking our positive evolution.


Our design process is intrinsically tied to ethical production practices. Striving for minimal waste, we actively seek ways to reduce chemical impact, energy consumption, and water usage while exploring clean technology. Through ongoing research, we are dedicated to discovering new avenues for positive change.

Our pieces are crafted with love, involving many hands and undergoing a cycle of refinement, craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control. Handle them with care. Should a button or bead loosen, take a moment to repair it. As our denim ages, let it evolve gracefully.

Distinguished by unique hand detailing, embellishments, and meticulous attention to detail, our designs champion local artisans, preserving and nurturing their craftsmanship. Embrace your IXIAH pieces as timeless treasures, encouraging a lasting connection with your wardrobe.


IXIAH takes pride in its role as an Australian slow fashion brand, dedicated to crafting timeless and versatile pieces. Our production philosophy revolves around fostering enduring relationships with global partners, ensuring exclusive collaboration with ethical factories and suppliers.

We prioritize the skilled and fair compensation of our makers, maintaining strict adherence to a code of conduct in our factories. Upholding stringent health and safety standards, fair working hours, and a steadfast commitment to avoiding child labor, we prioritize ethical practices throughout our production processes.

Our unwavering commitment to uncompromising standards is evident in our refusal to cut corners. Opting for minimal stock production, we ensure that each piece stands the test of time, offering our customers exclusivity in every garment.


In our continuous pursuit of excellence, we diligently research the most environmentally-friendly packaging options for our brand. Our commitment extends to ensuring that our boxes are biodegradable, and we are actively working towards eliminating plastic consumption. Striving to distance ourselves from environmentally harmful packaging, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to express our aesthetic without exploiting the environment in the process.