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About Us


IXIAH (pronounced ex'sy' ah') is all about empowering women to embrace their personal expression. Based on the philosophy of infusing the everyday with dreams guided by your own inner wisdom, IXIAH designs command an unbridled sense of style.

Established in 2012 and born from the creative mind of designer Krystel Davis - English, IXIAH has challenged the tapestry of the fashion scene by abandoning trend driven design. Instead, Krystel draws upon her own sense of style to bring forth collections of intricately embellished, neo - tribal garments for the wild - woman within.

IXIAH encapsulates effortless yet sophisticated style through a unique blend of spirit and substance in each design, garnering a cult following of trendsetters and global style mavens alike.

A true creative at heart, Krystel is a self taught designer with extensive experience in creative design, illustration and art direction. IXIAH is an expression of Krystel’s spectrum of talents, driven by her desire to create bold and distinct apparel for every woman.

Krystel is a firm believer in the power of self expression through the language of fashion - continuously striving to create original, thoughtful and intricate designs, the aesthetic of which is now widely recognisable as IXIAH. This innate attention to detail and willingness to challenge boundaries has seen IXIAH featured on an impressive client list including the Kardashian sisters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Victoria Secret Model Alessandra Ambrosio, Natasha Oakley, Jennifer Hawkins, Nicole Richie, Isabel Lucas, and influencers all over the world.


IXIAH is essentially for those with an individualistic spirit who dare to be different but not necessarily eccentric.

IXIAH garments are created with elemental attention to detail, inspiring a strong essence of individuality upon those who wear them.

IXIAH designs are constructed with high quality fabrication and curated into covetable collections inspired by totemic elements, traditional cultures and modern nomadic life. IXIAH’s neo - tribal aesthetic is expressed via the vibrant use of colours, luxurious textures and bespoke trims.

IXIAH encompasses Ready-to-Wear and Limited Edition collections - underpinned by IXIAH basics, a trans-seasonal collection of relaxed wardrobe staples.


A demi - couture collection for the wild and the wild at heart. IXIAH’s seasonal capsule collections of limited - edition garments are instantly recognisable for their raw elegance. Each collection is curated of hand crafted exuberant designs featuring rich textures and ornate embellishments.


IXIAH’s ready-to-wear collections embrace the elegance of the everyday via innovative design. Each garment is cleverly constructed to radiate IXIAH’s signature silhouette, created to be embraced from dawn til dusk and beyond.


IXIAH basics are designed to form the base of any creatively inspired wardrobe. Trans - seasonal and transcendent of time, all IXIAH basics feature subtle embellishments which elevate the everyday.



The IXIAH name/title was inspired by a unique floral, emblazoned with sword-like leaves, and star-shaped blooms, this native African floral is representative of Krystel's individual approach to design, which balances the masculine with the feminine through shape and form. 

The brand name is derived from the Greek word ‘ixias’ which translates into having chameleon characteristics, an idea captured by IXIAH in an industry embedded in the very idea of ‘changing skins’.

Through clever melding of these details, IXIAH was born. A name and a label, without any prior connotations - allowing the designs and the wearer to define the meaning of the word.


"The IXIAH vision is to continuously grow and evolve through innovative and creative design, and to challenge the status quo in the conventional fashion scene. To curate a label that is unlike any other, with the intent to foster a global kinship through involvement in community and charity."

– Krystel Davis-English, Founder & Creative Director


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