IXIAH’s Creative Director & Co-Founder, Krystel English-Davis takes on many roles in life, each of which has played its part in shaping the IXIAH ethos and brand journey. Taking from her past and strong value for life, boldness and originality, Krystel has built a label that is at its core, a celebration and love for creativity, unrestricted design and playfulness. 

We invite you to step into the world of IXIAH and discover what happens behind the scenes.

Right: Krystel graces the cover of the Verve Magazine's February Issue. 

“ understand where we are going, sometimes it’s nice to consider where we have been...” - Krystel

Growing up, Krystel English never imagined becoming a fashion designer, despite being seemingly born for the role. In the 1980s her parents, Gloria and Mel, ran Fidgit’s Fashion on Auckland’s Darby Street, a hip men’s and women’s boutique that carried its success into Australian department stores and even counted Stevie Nicks among its customers. While it was not the future she imagined for herself at the time, a childhood spent surrounded by the day-to-day working of the fashion business left its mark.

“... I have a huge amount of respect for the past, it plays a role in the inspiration behind many of my pieces and the wider collection. Giving the past a place in the present evokes a sense of nostalgia, it can transform our state of mind, a reminder of where we have been in order to determine where we should go..."

Krystel’s design approach emphasises a diversity of detail in the form of intricately crafted hand bindings, flouncy, full hemlines cut using voluminous amounts of fabric, pleating, and clever tailoring combined with hand-crochet techniques.

Her collections are a suite of prints and baroque details conceptualised and designed in-house and developed over an extended period with their factories and makers, with whom the label has built a close relationship over the past decade.

Right: Krystel in Paddington Studio working Resort 22 Collection.

When Krystel isn’t in the studio designing her next collection or running the IXIAH brand she’s with her family. A Mother to two boys, Ryder 5, Jagger 2 and wife to fellow creative Drew English, Krystel has found the juggle to both be rewarding and challenging.

" Balancing being a mother, wife and running a business is a juggle. I work a lot of nights to be able to ensure I have time for my family. I make sure that weekends are full of adventures and quality time creating memories. Time goes so fast when you have a family that I try to stop and enjoy these special moments and cherish them always."

Left: Krystel with husband Drew & two boys away on a family holiday.

" Recently my oldest son, Ryder was with me every day in the studio during the Christmas break and school holidays. He had his iPad with him, but the girls and I included him in everything so he chose to draw with us and be a part of the day. This particular day we were styling the lookbook for the next shoot. Ryder would get in all the images with me and if he wasn't in them he would draw himself next to me in the images. He would make special characters in the flow or re-draw some of the models features. He loved it so much he didn't want to go home at the end of the day. It's so special when you can turn tricky circumstances into a day you will never forget."

Through Hard work and dedication IXIAH has developed into a well -known brand. Over time the label has gained a portfolio of retailers both domestically and internationally. "IXIAH has evolved quite organically...". Over the last three years, IXIAH’s international market has steadily expanded within Europe, where the brand is carried in half a dozen stores across the country and sits alongside major labels such as Gucci, Prada, Valentino, and Isabel Marant.

IXIAH has come so far since its beginnings. Krystel has lead the brand in a Creative Direction that seeks to push boundaries, test trends and distill value. Discover more about IXIAH and Krystel's Journey via Verve Magazine.