We are proud to present a new way to experience shopping at IXIAH with an exclusive Styling Session for our VIP clients.

At the heart of this service is our Personal Stylist, Simone Oro whose aim is to show you how to dress according to your body shape, skin colour, face shape and proper proportions. To teach you key styling tricks and discover your ideal silhouettes, cuts, fabrics and colours that suit your perfect palette.

We took a moment with Simone, the style entrepreneur to ask her about how styling has shaped who she is, the value of a Personal Styling session and any tips and tricks when dressing for the season.  

Simone, what does styling mean to you ?

"Styling for me is the answer to everything… It is taste, personality, vibe, identity, communication, connection, attitude. For me, a piece of clothing is nothing without your own touching and this touch is what creates your style. Your taste is like a collection of the best things you ever lived, experienced. When styling there is no right or wrong, your style says to the world who you are without a word, how powerful is that. When we have found our style we live without fear, we have more fun being creative with our wardrobe and enjoy the freedom of not caring. Allowing and helping people to connect back to their personal style is the most rewarding experience and is why I am so passionate about what I do." - Simone

How will an IXIAH Styling sessions run? What can a client expect to get out of this experience? 

"This is a style make over that will uncover exactly who you truly are; by finding the unique things you have on the inside, and translating it to the outside world through your style." - Simone

IXIAH styling sessions will bring to light the core piece you own and help you thoughtfully curate and integrate with your personality, skin tone, body shape and ideal image in mind. An experience that will change the perception of yourself, body language & communication in life.

These sessions are valued at over $500 at no cost to our customer as a way to show how much we value you. No catches and no minimum spend.

Simone has over 15 years of experience and has been working with women to enhance their personal style for over a decade. 

How would you define your style? Is it fluid & changing? Or have you found yourself drawn to the same pieces over time? 

“My style is distinguished by the here & now, it is about how I am feeling in this particular moment. Sometimes that means embodying the fresh and exhilarating attitude that comes with a new and exciting piece or simply finding comfort and confidence in the pieces that you know will not fail you.” - Simone

Whether you need to edit your current wardrobe, understand which pieces best suit your body shape, discover which colours to wear or how to invest in staple pieces that will last for seasons to come. IXIAH styling sessions will help you uncover your signature style and curate a wardrobe that feels effortless.

Register your interest for this service by emailing or call us on 02 8957 8242.