Two inspiring women; Chanel and Francine, creators of The Hunted Yard, bring artistic rawness and refinement to their styling. We are constantly in awe of their raw aesthetic and natural approach.

Journey with us, as we go inside their creative abode to share with you some tips on how to put together an effortlessly executed pre-Christmas table-scape.

Mood makers, The Hunted Yard show us how simplicity is done best with completely accessible material and treasurable finds.

"Source old cheese cloths, re-purposed linen sheets, a cosy grazing board, smash some travertine tiles for layering. Cascades of candle wax are best so re-use old candles, brass tapered holders, aged disco balls with accents of gold spray will all create a nostalgic mood."

When it comes to grazing boards, The Hunted Yard re-invent the classic wooden cheese board stand with broken travertine tiles. "It always adds to the texture and the rawness if the travertine tiles are all slightly different colour tones and it's important to not shy away from imperfections." 
Layer the tiles as holders to mount all of your cheeses, favourite nibbles, grapes and dips onto. Don’t shy away from a generous serving of almonds and nuts to fill in the spaces and crackers to add to the textural palette.

Any tips when styling a table setting?

It's so important to have fun with it. Don't let it be perfect, let it flow and feel comfortable. a Natural setting that its too curated will have people enjoy themselves more. As long as the elements work the setting is all about the layering."

How do your star signs work together?

"Libra and Leo; very different star signs, but we work incredibly well together. Like yin and yang. We are the unbalanced balance."

What is the best piece of advice you have received?

“Whatever happens happens. Go with the flow, everything happens for a reason.”

Now tell us how we can create with you?

 “We’ve been doing dried floral arrangement workshops for the last couple of months and we’ve had a huge response for wanting to learn and create your own Christmas wreaths. It’s $150 per person with 20 people per class, you get to choose your own colour palette and take it home with you! You can use the Christmas wreaths as a table piece, or any form of decoration, it doesn’t have to be specifically for Christmas, it can be used all year around”