This Mother’s Day at IXIAH we wanted to spread a little joy to the Mothers feeling the extent of new Motherhood under tough circumstances.

We spent a morning in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Royal Women’s Hospital handing out Mother’s Day gift packs full of some beautiful Australian products and notes of encouragement. A small gift to help show love to those dealing with the huge and overwhelming experience of premature birth.

More than 26,000 babies are born before 37 weeks each year in Australia. Despite advances in care, premature birth is the second largest cause of death in children under 5 worldwide.

Blown away, is the first word that comes to mind when describing the experiences of entering the NICU at Royal Women’s Hospital. These rooms are full of every type of mother. Mothers who have lost, Mothers who are on the brink and Mothers who have just made it through. Their courage and openness to give their time and love is an ode to their strength.

“It's been so hard...I can't even describe it to you... this pack means the world, thank you so much ” says one of the Mothers in the NICU. She clung to the side of her babies incubatory, tubs, respirators and two very hardworking neonatal nurses tended to the beautiful little baby boy, born premature at only 30 weeks old, a little bubba called Leo.

We created packs, filled with beauty nourishment and care as a way to give back this Mother’s Day. It was important that we were doing something unique and using IXIAH as a portal to something a lot of other business might not have the capacity to do.

The packs were distributed to parents who have been consumed by the care and wellbeing of their baby and haven't had time to take care of themselves. We wanted to help celebrate the small milestones of motherhood and provide a gift for their fist Mother’s Day with a new little baby.

The Royal Women’s Hospital NICU is a sate-wide leader in neonatal care. The unit cares for over 1,000 premature and critically ill babies each year. Today, the Royal’s NCC is one of the largest neonatal intensive care units in New South Wales with 44 cots and a team of over 100 nursing and medical staff.

We want to say a massive thank you to the incredible staff, nurses, social workers and care mangers that make up NICU team for their hospitality and welcomeness to the IXIAH team.

To support the NICU unit and Royal Women's Shopsital vict the foundation page at to donate. Thank you to our Brand Partners for contributing your beautiful products to our Mother’s Day Packs.

Each Mothers Day pack was valued at $450. We were able to distribute over 30 bags to every mother in ICU.

Pack Contents: IXIAH voucher $100, Daniella Beauty voucher $50, Tannha Boutique Baby toy $40, DeLorenzo Hair pack $60, Vanessa Ivy nail polish $60, Dirt Sustainble Laundry Detergant $30, Nutra Organics Mist $50, Bondi Wash Cream $25, Luv spell candles & soap $80.