Resort 22 is an open narrative of mood-boosting styles that transcend art and fashion together in new and environmentally conscious ways. A collection that is about the “joy of dressing” has been captured by our photographers at Fashion Week. A glimpse of the 'Joi de Vivre' moments.


With special thanks to our photographers.
Drew English, Tyson Perkins, Thomaz Labanca, Alissar Hammoud, Getty Images, Liana Hardy, Juliana Pedroso, Stephanie Pederson, Ethan Melrose, Wes Tan, Karim Hamka.

In aura of the Australian day-to-eveningwear lifestyle, Spring/Summer 22 invites you into a whimsical state of mind and authenticity. Entitled “Joie De Vivre”, the 50-piece capsule collection evokes rawness, cultural adrenaline and cross-references to the roaring 70s.
Krystel rejects the seasonal algorithm and exercises “styles you can wear today and pass onto generations”, drawing emphasis on unique design with a thoughtful approach.

A nod to heroic femininity, sensual techniques are surprisingly found in the denim division range with flirtatious corsetry lace ups and paisley resembled embroideries.
Krystel explains “denim has become so universal that it is limited by creativity. We wear denim every day, so I had to find ways to still keep it quite familiar to the eye but with elements of differentiation.” 

"Every piece, as decadent as it is, is also carefully simplified in its own unique way.”

IXAH take on the expression to bring life and emotions to the bones of every piece. A foundational collection dedicated to thinking about the future, IXIAH celebrate forever styles that are derived from a season-less approach to styling and bold balance between fragility and decadence.