World of I X I A H



At IXIAH we want you to have transparency of how your clothing is sourced, produced and consumed. We introduce you to our production team and how our creations are made safely and in a clean and ethical way. We are proud to show all the hard working and dedicated individuals, factories and faces behind the making of our products who are all accredited, trained and educated.
We have positively shifted our way of designing and created a brand that is not trend orientated. IXIAH is proud to create timeless and versatile pieces and be a reputable slow fashion company. Meet the IXIAH team and the faces behind the clothing you wear today.


Our design team work closely with our artisans to create custom hardware moulds, unique sequin shapes & forms and innovate traditional techniques into new...

We work with traditional crochet makers to explore new ways to thread and construct clothing without the use of any stitches and machinery - all solidly hand work...


Every bead, panel, stitch & finish has been created by a number of artisans who specialise in particular fields across textiles & fashion. Each creator is accredited, trained and educated and work within a strict Code of Conduct & Ethical Trade Policy. We have built close relationships with our team and have ensured our products are made within a factory that has legal working hours and wages, are against child labour and have health and safety regulations. 

We are thankful that our Ready to Wear Factory work alongside our ethics and can pursue minimum production orders that has kept us within the calibre of slow fashion. Every garment produced is a lifelong piece that can transcend overtime and never date - We design timeless styles to mark a positive impact on the sustainable future of fashion.

Every single piece is created from a sketch and further developed from a toile into a final refined garment. A product can take up 24 months to create and perfect as a lot of consideration goes into fabric choice, finishes & construction refinement...


IXIAH is proud to create timeless and versatile pieces and be a reputable Australian slow fashion company.